Friday, 25 September 2009

Late season colour

I had to put in this picture of the dahlia and cosmos bed because it is looking so colourful at the moment - a last dash of exoticism before the first frosts. With the nearby beds of sweet peas (my favourite is 'Cupani') and double orange pot marigolds (Miss Jekyll's favourite, see previous blog posting), this part of the garden looks wonderful at the moment.

At Chesters Walled Garden we have a series of square, box-edged beds and one of these is given up to dahlias and cosmos. All the dahlias were grown from seed this spring and are a variety known as ‘Bishop’s children’. This produces a glorious mix of heady, hot colours; red, rich pink, yellow, burnt orange and apricot. It is surprisingly easy to grow dahlias from seed each year; the results are some unexpected colours but that in itself is fun. This particular seed mix has all the gorgeous dark, purple black foliage of ‘Bishop of Llandalf’.

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